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A brief resume of our polo coaches and staff:


John Morton started his polo-playing career at Taunton Vale Polo Club in the UK. In 1990, he became the Polo Manager - a position he held for 5 years. John became a Hurlingham Polo Association Coach in 1997. As well as his involvement with Taunton Vale, he also owned and ran a polo school near to Taunton (Haydon Farm Polo) specialising in introducing and teaching the game of polo to beginners. John’s successful operations at Haydon led to his polo school being featured on several television programs including the BBC's Holiday Program.
In 2000, John moved to Sotogrande to make the most of the favourable climate and to teach and play polo all year round. At JCM Polo-Sotogrande, his remit is to promote, organise and teach polo for clients from all over the world.




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