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Haydon Farm Polo (UK) Media Coverage: 1997 - 2000.

Holidays Out, BBC1 Television, 5th August 1997 - Featuring Kate Humble trying out our one day's 'Taste Of Polo' experience.
Out & About, BBC2 Television, May 1998 - Featuring Toby Sealey trying out our one day's 'Taste Of Polo' experience.
Move to Sotogrande in Southern Spain.

We have moved! As of January 2001, we are now based at Sotogrande in Southern Spain -You can now play 'all year round' Polo - just over 2 hours flight away from the U.K.!
We are now offering existing polo players the chance to play here at Sotogrande through 2002 until July. Why put yourself through a 'long-haul' flight to Argentina and have to be away from your business for at least two weeks - to make it worthwhile. Come to Sotogrande - be here in 3 hours from the UK and let us arrange your Stick & Ball sessions, Chukkas, and Polo Tournaments - all in advance! Just arrange your flight down here, and leave the rest to us - even just for a long weekend. We are offering beginners a special mid-week package until the middle of July 2002 to see if Polo is the game for them (be warned it's very addictive!) why not bring your whole family?

Polo ponies for sale in Sotogrande.

(April 2002) We now have an extensive list of ponies for sale at Sotogrande, our list will be updating on a regular basis - please keep looking. Or alternatively, request that an updated list be mailed to you.

We are planning a European Polo Portal site!.

(September 2005) We are planning to develop a European POLO portal to be the definitive POLO information site for Europe - giving all the very latest up-to-date polo information. Therefore we would welcome any input from anyone involved in polo - players and supporters alike! Any articles or commentson polo anywhere in the E.U. area that you feel we could include should be sent to our webmaster as soon as possible ....

The site is 'live!' but without information ( and both will find it!). We hope to have it established during 2007 - it's a big undertaking!

Please CLICK HERE to take a look and please report back any constructive feedback you may have along with any suggestions you may like to make regards additions and improvements

(February 2008) We are about to launch an exciting new POLO teaching ACADEMY at Sotogrande in Spain. We will be teaching newcommers to the sport of polo as well as helping to improve existing players' riding and technical ability. This will be supervised by JOHN MORTON an HPA approved instructor. From our new facility we will soon be offering accommadation as well as courses for School children and University students - all-in packages will be offered to them at very competitive prices...

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